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Dorothy and Darth

Up until about six years of age, kids are nutty. They say what they think, don't edit anything, and certainly don't care what you think of them. They just do what comes naturally, and it looks so fun and liberating! After six, they start to lose that 'lack of censorship' so I am savoring every moment...

Dylan saw the Wizard of Oz last week and decided she IS Dorothy. We don't have actual Dorothy clothes or a black Toto, so she made do with pink sparkly shoes, a white toto, braids, the closest thing to a blue dress....and (washable) magic marker freckles.

She went to school in full Dorothy costume, and when told she really couldn't wear that every day, she decided Mondays would be Dorothy days. Freckles and all. This is her interpretation of the witch coming... Oscar, please....
When Spencer was five he had serious Star Wars fever. Even sent a Valentine to George Lucas, no lie. But he made his own costume, just came down to breakfast one day in it. Unfortunately he used permanent sharpie markers to make his face like Darth (under the mask). He looked like that for DAYS.
We're never at a loss for photo ops here....

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Thomas said...

Not sure what it says about me or you, but I think that shot of Spence is my favorite of all of your work. I figure I've seen enough to judge. I'd give anything to have gone to see that flick with him colored like that.