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We're going to Ellen Degeneres' 50th Birthday Show!!

I love when you can trace a chain of events from something silly or maybe even regrettable, to something really great. Is it karma? Luck? Coincidence? Funny, it doesn’t even matter. It is what it is and sometimes it’s something good, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it’s just really freakin’ cool!

So maybe, your kid throws up in carpool and it begets…. a trip to the Ellen Degeneres show with VIP passes for her 50th birthday celebration? AND VIP tickets to Jimmy Kimmel with Green Room access? Now that is crazy.

Sure, there are about 10 months of acts of kindness, sweat and tears from the beginning to the end of that story (and the story hasn’t ended yet…stay tuned!) and a LOT had to happen along the way for it all to fall into place, but when it all boils down, if my sweet child hadn’t gotten sick on his way to school I wouldn’t be sitting here, thousands of miles high above...Oklahoma?... writing this, two friends beside me, on our way to a four day fun-fest in Los Angeles. If you want to learn about the ‘in-between’ chain of events, scroll down to “The Pink Carpet Premiere” entry.

The Ellen taping will be on Thursday and the show will air Friday, Jimmy is on Friday. We have no idea what to expect but we are excited nonetheless. We hear that there are lots of surprise guests which is fun.

In the meantime, we will check into our swank hotel and enjoy some great sushi at ‘The Geisha House' tonight (our awesome concierge hooked us up with some great dining spots). And no, I didn't bring my paparazzi lens... but I did bring the camera :)

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