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A Happy Birthday

At first I thought it was perfect. Well how about that, what a sweet message in my birthday fortune cookie! “Keep true to the dreams of your youth”, I told the kids. “Look”, I showed my husband, "such a cool fortune for a birthday".

And, as always, one of the kids said, “But what does it mean?”.

I read it again and thought, “Huh. I have no freakin’ clue”.

When I was five I dreamed I would grow up to be a princess. (In this economy, cushy princess jobs are at an all time low so... phew!)

When I was eight I just wanted to live with my family, and of course my stuffed animals, for ever and ever. (My parents are so happy that didn’t work out).

When I was ten I dreamed Parker Stevenson would marry me and I'd be the first Hardy girl. (and where is he now?)

When I was a teenager I dreamed I’d go to medical school. (I agree, that is just scary).

When I was working on my MBA the big plan was to be a ruthless businesswoman and make millions in really cool suits with short skirts. (Ally McBeal. Snort).

But truthfully. Seriously. I never in a million years dreamed I’d have this. All of this. My own incredible, beautiful family. A great job that I really love, in photography of all things.

So I taped that fortune to the wall beside my desk to remind me that dreams can change. Maybe you won’t keep true to the dreams of your youth, but you should definitely hold onto them so you can see how much you’ve grown.

Thanks for the best birthday ever! Don't worry, no more deep thoughts for today.

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