I'm Patricia Lyons and welcome to my blogsite. I am an international lifestyle photographer based in Virginia.
I shoot, well, everything, but you'll find I mainly photograph editorial for select magazines, as well as beautiful weddings in Virginia and around the world. Some photo slideshows are stacked below to the right, and you can even watch them all if you have a whole lot of time and a jug of coffee (and I've been told a box of tissues). You can also 'search' the blog if you are looking for something specific.

Or I suppose you could just enjoy the ride back in time, as everything happened.
I know I have.

You can find me at (804)387-5722 or email patricia@patricialyonsphotography.com

Catching up

Pretty soon you'll be wondering, does she even do weddings anymore? And the answer is YEAH she does. 2009 holds a lot of fun weddings, in fact, and more fantastic brides. Interestingly, only three weddings are in Richmond, and believe me I love those! In addition I'll be heading up to New York this summer to shoot in The Hamptons, and again in beautiful Locust Valley, also on Long Island. And I'll be shooting a beautiful oceanfront affair on my former stomping grounds, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Plus a plantation in the country. Several in Charlottesville. And more in the works. I even booked a few in 2010, but can't get ahead of myself here.

So for now I am hibernating and getting some blog posts up that have been on my to do list for awhile.

This shoot was done at my friend Freddie's house for R Home Magazine. Sarah Spencer Hurst did her excellent styling as always, and Freddie was such a wonderful shoot hostess! Aside from providing the lovely location, I was coming down with a horrible cold and she plied me with liquids and medicine to keep me going (little did we know it was the beginning of my pneumonia battle). Then when my babysitter had to bail at the last minute, she insisted I bring the kids back to play with hers after school so we could continue (I could have called in my back-up, i.e. husband, as it was late, but it's best not to bother investment manager types for at least two hours after the market closes these days. Trust me.) Freddie even shuttled one of my kids off to guitar lessons! I am not usually so heinously unprofessional, I swear, but it sure is nice to shoot in friends' homes should things go awry.

Here is her beautiful home, filled with some amazing art. Check out the Sally Mann photograph in the slow-shutter shot of her daughter walking. Love it!

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