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We did it!

Yep, we did it. We woke up in time, got through the traffic and made it to the starting line at 8 am in the rain. Tadaaaaa! That should have garnered it's own medal. Actually, it wasn't that bad because the kids were so fired up....and it didn't hurt that we had gotten some fine lookin' Krispy Kremes to lure them out the door.

So our kids ran their one-mile race on Saturday morning. It was chilly and soggy, but awesome. They raised $2,000.00 for cancer research through their efforts which is pretty insane. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported them! They pumped their little legs as fast as they could. I was such a proud mama, on the side cheering and fighting back the biggest lump in my throat. Watching my littlest one run a mile with her Dad by her side was too much for my emotional self, and my 8 year old surprised us with his 7:30 time! It is freaky when your kids start to outperform you. I guess I'd better get used to it. Or start running faster.

Overall, the Kids' run and the 10k race raised over $500,000 for Richmond's very own VCU Massey Cancer Center. David and I ran the 10k, which is something to be experienced. It's the 4th largest race in the country down the most gorgeous stretch of Richmond, regardless of the pouring rain, and somehow functions like a well-oiled machine with 30,000 participants.

I thought I had a good pace going on mile 5 but then got passed by a tall gorilla-suited guy on my left. Even worse, the Chiquita banana passed me on my right. I could not possibly make that up. I could handle being passed by the monkey, but the fruit was too much.

And now back to work. Wedding season kicks in here in a few weeks and I am so ready. The next 6 months are going to be wild, with really fun, cute couples and weddings taking me all over the east coast . Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Pennsylvania, Charlottesville, Irvington and Virginia Beach. Even a couple in Richmond. I am so excited and my kids will be thrilled for me to point my cameras elsewhere!

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