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Seven Sure Signs it's Summer

The kids are out of school and the signs are clear:

1.) Baseball is over. I'm pretty bummed about this one, but my nerves were about shot after the playoffs. Alas, they won the Little League championships in a nail-biting finale!

2.) My hair is not cooperating. At all. Richmond humidity is legend, and I feel like a human barometer.

3.) Can't keep food in the house. Buy it, bring it in, it disappears. Every morsel. Like they're starving. What did these kids eat at school? Then there's the ice cream man who now circles the 'hood with his sqwawking truck that sends my kids into a comical keystone-cop frenzy. You would seriously think they have never seen ice cream before.

4.) Band Aids and Neosporin are being dealt out like cards at a black jack table. I'm telling you, the injury per day stats are ridiculous. We're crossing fingers Dylan doesn't hit the ER for busting her chin for the fourth time. Odds aren't good according to the doctors. No kidding, the ER doc said "See you in a few months" last time we were in. Great.

5.) Not to mention, I have removed 9 ticks so far. 3 from places that should never, ever have ticks. Gentlemen, you may cringe...now. Poor kid (and poor Mom).

6.) Sleep, glorious sleep. We are all sleeping past last week's 6:45 am school alarm and ALL are much happier for it. I love seeing their cute, sleepy-eyed, tanned faces coming down to breakfast with crazy chlorine-infused bed head.

7.) And last but not least, weddings, weddings, weddings!! I shot a really beautiful plantation wedding last weekend that was pretty much perfect and defied all weather predictions, and have one this weekend that with an adorable couple I can't wait to meet. I will share the photos this coming week!

Have a great weekend.

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