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Summer Music, Movies and Books

A small diversion while I get caught up on some photos here.....

OK, the books part is a joke. Since the last three novels I read were "I Wish That I Had a Dog", "I Love My Dog" and the eagerly anticipated follow-up, "The Very Angry Girl" (who, it seems, did not get a dog) by Dylan Lyons, I cannot actually comment on books. Except to say I wish I had more time to read them.

Movies have temporarily replaced books during my busy season because I can get more satisfaction with a great story that will all be over by the time I put my head down for the night. After a day of shooting or editing, it's all I can do to just sit there, escape and absorb, little letters being a challenge for my tired eyes.

Lori sent me a link to a cool Vancouver Site that listed their top ten indies love stories of the year. It's just what I needed. I printed it out and am making my way through the list this summer so I thought I'd share. Indie films are my weakness, they're fresh, unexpected, quirky, off-beat, often hysterical, totally original, and typically have great soundtracks. I also have a Patrick Dempsey threshold that has been surpassed for the year, so.... here goes:

1.) Once
2.) All the Real Girls
3.) Lars and the Real Girl
4.) Me and You and Everyone We Know
5.) Conversations with Other Women
6.) Waitress
7.) Broken English
8.) Wristcutters: A Love Story
9.) Shopgirl
10.) Dedication

On the music front, just wanted to say that Richmond is really stepping up the live music scene. Finally. We went to The National last night to see Marie Digby (there's an accent on the e in Marie but I can't remember how to make it happen) and Eric Hutchinson, and they were AWESOME. And you simply couldn't ask for a better venue. If you haven't been there, check out the schedule and find a reason to go! Marie Digby is coming back August 1 with Gavin Degraw, FYI.

Marie has some beautiful original songs (see Kate and Jay's slideshow) but I also love her cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella". We chatted with her after the show and she is this tiny, gorgeous, sweet girl who started playing piano at age 3. You can tell! She also plays guitar, sings incredibly, writes. Gushing talent. All the guys (and some of the girls) in our group left there with HUGE Marie Digby crushes. Check her out:

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