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Sensational Cakes

So I'm checking my phone messages last month and one begins in an unmistakable New York accent. "Hellooo Patricia" she starts, "this is Sylvia Weinstock calling from New York." I'm thinking, wow, telemarketers are getting crafty with their recordings.

Now, Sylvia Weinstock isn't a household name to all, but if you are getting married, enjoy a little Martha Stewart TV or read her gorgeous magazine, or like to check the footnotes on celebrity weddings (oh wait, that might just be me), you have probably come across Mrs. Weinstock. You may have even caught her in a guest spot on "Gossip Girl" in her signature owl glasses. Or read that she provides cakes to folks like Oprah, Donald Trump, Mariah Carey, and the royal family in Saudi Arabia. Her cakes literally ship all over the world, and recently two came via the fabulous party planners at Easton Events to my little corner of it.

I clued in that it was a real message when she continued, saying she had seen some beautiful images from two weddings I photographed in Charlottesville, and that she had chosen them to be included in her new book "Sensational Cakes". Cool! And they'd like to use them for publicity. Even better! We spoke several times of the phone and she is a seriously savvy businesswoman in addition to master baker. She was lovely, sharp as a tack and I do hope to work with her again someday. Her cakes are masterpieces, each and every item on them 100% edible. The flowers are little sculptures and people come up to her cakes constantly, their noses inches from the decorations, still disbelieving that these precise and intricate petals are handmade.

Oh, and they taste delicious too (shhh.....).

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Monicakbyrne@yahoo.com said...

I have loved this woman for many years!! If I was a bride and could afford her cakes, I would not look anywhere else!! Her cakes are the most beautiful I have ever seen!! Lucky you to get a call from her! If I were a bride and needed a photographer, you would be the only one i would contact!! After following your blog for about 2 months now, I cna say your pictures are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen!! Keep blogging and posting because I will be reading!!