I'm Patricia Lyons and welcome to my blogsite. I am an international lifestyle photographer based in Virginia.
I shoot, well, everything, but you'll find I mainly photograph editorial for select magazines, as well as beautiful weddings in Virginia and around the world. Some photo slideshows are stacked below to the right, and you can even watch them all if you have a whole lot of time and a jug of coffee (and I've been told a box of tissues). You can also 'search' the blog if you are looking for something specific.

Or I suppose you could just enjoy the ride back in time, as everything happened.
I know I have.

You can find me at (804)387-5722 or email patricia@patricialyonsphotography.com

Weddings and Weddings

"Where ya been?" my friends ask. "Where's Mom?" I hear all the time. "She's on her computer again", I hear even more. "I'll be right theeeeeere". It must be November in the Lyons home.

I've been in a deep dark editing hole, but am starting to see the light. At least long enough to post these (though while I was writing this my egg boiled until all the water was gone and popped, so I had to go clean hundreds of tiny egg and shell pieces off the ceiling. Egg shrapnel. It's not the first time. I should be banned from kitchens.) Needless to say, it's been wild around here, as it always is this time of year. Yummy Fall weddings, lots of editorial shoots, fun portrait sessions. I'll sleep in January, I keep saying.

But I love it, love it, love it all. Except for cleaning eggs off the ceiling, which is hard.

I recently photographed three incredible weddings. Three stunning, spirited, lovable brides and their sweet and adoring grooms. I met so many wonderful families. I mean, LOVED them. Each of these weddings deserves it's own post, with it's own description, but I couldn't wait to share them.

I am heading off to NYC for some much needed quality family time (I am so excited! I am also sneaking out to grab coffee in the big city with a new couple for a New York wedding next year I can't wait to meet). Packing is a challenge when your daughter insists she bring eight stuffed animals and three dolls to share the trip. Then after NYC I am hitting the turkey hard. So while I'm replacing large stuffed animals in the luggage with things we really do need (warm, warm clothes), grab a latte, turn up the volume and enjoy these stories, posted in no particular order.

I just adored these couples and their weddings! Also, I am trying a new larger slideshow format which takes a little longer to load so bear with, it pays off. Leave any comments if you had trouble viewing the shows, ok?

Click here for Randy and Meagan's Wedding in gorgeous Gloucester, Virginia.

Click here for Sam and Margaret's Wedding in beautiful Sea Island, Georgia.

Click here for David and PJ's Wedding in a fabulous place close to my heart, Richmond, Virginia.

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