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Ted and Emily's Wedding

Hellooooo June.

Isn't it funny how at 3 am problems or to-do lists can seem amplified? Critical? Magnifiedx100? Like, how can I possibly sleep when I have SO much to do? But of course you're too tired to get out of bed and actually function, so you go back asleep and then when you do wake up in the morning, it's almost OK. It's... fine. "WHAT was I freaking out about at 3 am, blogging??", I say to myself, almost laughing at sleepy me, downing another cup of coffee and forming my action plan du jour. And yes, blogging is on my to-do list EVERY day. But the important thing is to keep the clients happy and their work flowing, the shooting going and the contracts a-signing. Right? And kids fed and heading the right direction, very important that one.

But I need a good nights' sleep so I'm ON it. As a matter of fact I'm making a note to myself right now to do it again tomorrow. Ha! Take that, you midnight problem amplifier thing that happens to me in June.

Besides, Emily and Ted's wedding is wanting to be shared. They had a gorgeous wedding at St. James' Church in Richmond, Virginia followed by a reception at the Country Club of Virginia on a gloriously sunny day. Rain had been threatening but Emily wasn't worried. From the get go Emily was so happy, so relaxed, enjoying family, friends and of course, Ted. She smiled through makeup and hair styling, laughed through the photo session while well-wishing folks passed by on the streets, and when it was time to walk down the aisle she gave her Dad one last look, a huge smile on her face, and never looked back.

A few of my favorite shots follow, but to see more just click on Ted and Emily's Wedding Slideshow.

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