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Town & Country, Wyoming Style

Well (she said sheepishly), hi there. I know, I can't believe I'm blogging either and don't even look at the date of the last post. You just did, didn't you. SO embarrassing. I will do my best to keep this blog a little more current. So much to come in 2012 (Switzerland, Bahamas, Charlottesville, and even some... Richmond!) and 2011 still to share. Baby steps.

In hopes you'll start to forgive my blogging lameness, here is a special wedding I was thrilled to photograph last summer as seen in the May Issue of Town & Country (with Gretchen Mol on the cover... I still need to read that and find out where the heck she's been). It was a nice surprise to see the photos I sent to T&C for possible inclusion turn into full page coverage, but with a ridiculously scenic location and sweet couple like Anna & Brian, I guess it's not all that surprising.

Now what they don't tell you in the brief paragraph is how incredible Jackson Hole is, or how the weather and the light there is dramatic, dreamy and inspiring. How on the day of the wedding we encountered hail 30 minutes before the ceremony (this is one reason it's handy to have 14 groomsmen, to wipe off the seating super quick while guests are making their way in). And there was an owl overseeing the event. And a rainbow at sunset. I KNOW, right? Give me a break, crazybeautiful place!! Half the challenge of shooting this event was not standing there with my mouth hanging open instead of taking photographs. It's hard taking in a place like that through a 1/4 viewfinder! But don't cry for me... I managed.

I could go on, but there are not enough words to accurately describe the awesomeness (the fact that I chose the abused word 'awesome' being testament) that is Jackson Hole, and I will forever be indebted to Anna and her family for introducing me to this part of our country, which in turn gave me the privilege of sharing it with mine. To quote my son while we biked from Dornan's to Jenny Lake, as he took in the snow capped Tetons in front and plains surrounding us, "I think I found my happy place, Mom."


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