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I know I have.

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Jumping back in

Oh my goodness…so much to do. Re-entry after a vacation is always hard but coming home to tax time is the ultimate worst, especially when your accountant needed everything last week. So naturally I will update my blog first.

We had a great break in the Florida Keys. It started with a speeding ticket on the way to the airport but the kids thought that was a really cool kick-off to our adventure. “Dad, don’t you think you’re going a little fast?” was heard more than once in the following week... from all of us. Comedians. David laughed along the first few times.

We got to the airport in the nick of time to find…our flight as delayed. Then again. And again. Four hours later they found us a new plane and we were off, all saying how much we loved JetBlue as we boarded. Crazy, I know. But not only did they keep us informed the whole time, they had (good) snacks, drinks, ordered pizza for everyone, helped us find movies for our kids to watch, gave us free cocktails on the flight AND free one way tickets for each passenger. Now THAT is how you run an airline.

In preparation for our time in Miami, we spent waywaywaytoomuch to make my son’s dream of seeing his all-time fave basketball player, Dwyane (that is not a typo) Wade, come true. Of course they sadly announced Dwyane was out for the REST of the season due to injury the night before the game and the scalpers were begging people to take tickets. Which left us watching the two all-time worst basketball teams, Knicks vs. Heat, duke it out for worst-dom. And covering the kids’ eyes when the Miami Heat dancers were shaking their booties. Crikey, they were... something!

But all in all, the trip was awesome. We swam, ate, laid about, chased lizards (not me so much), played basketball (not me so much), and enjoyed our week-long search for the perfect Key Lime Pie (me).

We spent a chillier day sightseeing in Key West. Ernest Hemingway’s house was a huge hit. There were 47 cats there, all descendants of his beloved 50 cats, and I am certain my daughter managed to pet at least 45 of them. They were literally everywhere, in the rain gutters, in shelves, under plants. And they’d look at you like “oh, you pathetic human being whatdoyouwant and yes, right there, yes, between the ears yes, yes, ok stop now go away, you are exhausting me”. They were wicked cool and kind of famous. And they knew it.

I can hear all you dog people ewwwwwwing, but personally I like cats. I had a great cat named Ed who was a wild shade of silver-blue, was really fat and liked Doritos. I mean, he could literally open a bag himself and eat them.

OK, so now I am really stretching. Procrastinating. Must go do the inevitable. Ugh. Maybe I'll make just a few phone calls first.

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